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Marshall Islands Country Report

Country Risk Level


Executive Summary

President Hilda Heine is unlikely to be challenged by a divided opposition during the remainder of her term in office. The government will continue to support businesses with tax rebates and subsidies.Under the Compact of Free Association (COFA), the Marshall Islands is financially assisted by the US federal government, which in turn is suzerain over the islands' defence until the COFA's expiry in 2023.Prone to extreme flooding and droughts, the Marshall Islands is in serious danger from rising sea levels.


There is no known terrorist threat in the Marshall Islands.


Violent crime is very rare but the Marshall Islands is likely to be implicated in internationally organised crime. The country is among 17 jurisdictions in the European Union's 2017 initiative against tax havens. The Marshall Islands also has weakly regulated shipping, leaving its flag open to abuse as one 'of convenience'.

Social Stability

Rare, peaceful protests against climate change and water shortages are highly unlikely to threaten property or bystanders.

Risk Level
Critical High Medium Low Minimal