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23 Sep 2020 | 08:50 AM UTC

DRC: Police fire tear gas at protesters in Kinshasa September 23 /update 1

Police fire tear gas at protesters in Kinshasa on September 23; avoid protests



Police have fired tear gas to disperse protesters who have gathered Kinshasa on Wednesday, September 23, to demand the expulsion of the Rwandan ambassador, Vincent Karega. The protesters have marched through the Gombe area from the Huilerie roundabout on a route passing Camp Lufungala; however, police blocked the progress of the march towards the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a roadblock. In addition to the use of tear gas, gunfire has also been heard reported in the area.

Further unrest in the area, with the potential for further clashes between protesters and police, is possible in the near term.


Activists are demanding the departure of Ambassadors Karega following remarks he made on social media regarding the involvement of Rwandan nationals in a 1998 massacre in South Kivu province. A demonstration on the issue held on September 4 in the Gombe area of Kinshasa was dispersed by police.


Those in Kinshasa are advised to monitor the situation, anticipate transportation disruptions, and heed any instructions issued by local authorities and home governments.

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