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01 Dec 2018 | 09:53 PM UTC

South Sudan: Possible yellow fever outbreak in Gbudwe state

Possible yellow fever outbreak reported in Gbudwe state; at least one confirmed case as of late November



As of late November, a confirmed case of yellow fever had been reported in Nzara county (Gbudwe state). The Ministry of Health has advised all individuals in Gbudwe state to take measures against mosquito bites and to ensure vaccination against the disease.


Symptoms of yellow fever - a mosquito-borne disease - generally appear within three to six days following infection and include fever, chills, muscle and back pain, vomiting, headaches, and, in more serious cases, hemorrhaging and organ failure. The vaccine provides lifelong immunity and should be administered at least ten days prior to travel to an affected area to be fully effective.


Individuals in or planning travel to Gbudwe state are advised to stay abreast of local epidemiological developments, consult their doctor regarding vaccination options, and continue to protect themselves against insects due to the presence of mosquito-borne diseases (e.g. by wearing covering clothing, using insect repellent, and sleeping in screened-in and/or air-conditioned rooms).

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