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09 Jan 2020 | 07:29 AM UTC

Nigeria: Foreign nationals kidnapped off the Nigerian coast set free January 7 /update 1

Foreign nationals kidnapped off the Nigerian coast on January 2 freed on January 7; similar piracy incidents possible over the near term



On Tuesday, January 7, the Nigerian Marine Authority announced the release of one Indian and two Russian nationals previously kidnapped near the Niger Delta on Thursday, January 2. The release took place in Ondo (Ondo state) in which several pirates were arrested during the operation.

Similar piracy incidents are possible in the region over the near term.


There is a high risk of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea. According to a report released in July by the International Maritime Bureau (IMB), 82 percent of hostage-takings too place in the Gulf of Guinea between January and September 2019.


Maritime travel through the Gulf of Guinea is advised against due to the threat of piracy.

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