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13 Apr 2020 | 12:07 AM UTC

Thailand: Storms hit Khon Khaen province on April 11

Summer storms hit several districts in Khon Khaen Province on April 11; anticipate associated disruptions



Strong summer storms hit several districts in Khon Kaen province causing extensive damage to temples, school buildings, houses, and public utilities on Saturday, April 11. In particular, the most-affected areas are in the districts of Non Sila, Chonnabot, and Waeng Yai. In Non Sila district, school buildings were heavily damaged, and 51 houses were affected. Local authorities are surveying the damage to aid and relief operations.

Residual disruptions are possible in the affected area in the coming days.  


Individuals in the affected area are advised to monitor weather forecasts and to adhere to any instructions issued by the local authorities (e.g. potential evacuation orders). In the event of flooding, remember that driving or walking through running water can be dangerous - 15 cm (6 in) of water is enough to knock over an adult.

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