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16 Oct 2018 | 09:15 AM UTC

Grenada: National Referendum set for November 6

National referendum on judicial system set to be held on November 6; opposition calls for postponement; associated demonstrations possible



The Grenada Government will hold a referendum on Tuesday, November 6, to decide whether the Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) should replace the London-based Privy Council as the island's final appellate court. This referendum comes two years after a similar vote was held in 2016, in which Grenadians voted against the move. On Monday, October 15, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), the main opposition party in Grenada, called for a postponement of the referendum, citing flaws and discrepancies in the referendum question. Demonstrations are possible, especially in the capital Saint George's, in the coming weeks.


According to the NDC, there is a need to address electoral reforms in Grenada's electoral system before proceeding with the referendum. The NDC has called for constitutional changes that would allow Grenadians to appeal electoral matters at the CCJ, which was established in 2001.


Individuals in Grenada are advised to monitor the situation, keep abreast of the sociopolitical climate, and avoid all possible demonstrations as a precaution.

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