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14 Sep 2018 | 08:58 AM UTC

Montenegro: Potential protests over controversial anniversary Nov. to Dec. /update 1

Serbian organizations set to celebrate the unification of Serbia and Montenegro in November and December; protests likely



On Thursday, September 13, the Serbian National Council asked the Montenegrin government for permission to use the National Theater in Podgorica from November 25 to December 5 to celebrate the centenary of the Podgorica Assembly, which approved the unification of Serbia and Montenegro. The government has yet to answer this request, which has been contested by various Montenegrin organizations who consider, along with the government, that the anniversary should not be celebrated. Serbian organizations have already organized commemoration events for the end of November, which may spark further discontent. The eruption of demonstrations during that period cannot be ruled out.


Montenegro became independent in 2006, prior to which it was united with Serbia following the decision made by the Podgorica Assembly, considered as the representative body of the Montenegrin people, in November 1918. While the Serb population in Montenegro considers this date as a national holiday to be celebrated, the Montenegrin government cites that it marked the end of Montenegro as a state, and must therefore be condemned. Some national organizations and parties even request the revocation of any decision made in the past by the Assembly.


Individuals present in Montenegro should avoid all protests and gatherings as a precaution.

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