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29 Oct 2018 | 12:07 PM UTC

Chad: Public sector workers suspend strike October 26 /update 2

Labor unions representing public sector workers agree to suspend strike on October 26 following talks with the government



An agreement was signed between the government and labor unions representing public sector workers on Friday, October 26, to end an ongoing strike. Under the deal, public sector workers will receive a 15 percent salary increase starting in January 2019. According to union officials, the government has also agreed to address other issues that were raised during negotiations in March this year. Following the suspension of the strike, school classes are expected to return to normal on Monday, October 29, as well as hospital operations. Further strikes are possible in the coming months if the unions do not believe the government is honoring the agreement.


Public sector workers launched an indefinite strike on May 28 after accusing the government of failing to implement the agreement signed in March 2018. During the strike, classes were disrupted along with hospital services across the country. The government had agreed to pay salary arrears by the end of May to end a similar previous strike but failed to do so. Austerity measures have been implemented to reduce public spending since the fall in oil prices, including cutting public worker salaries by up to 50 percent.


Individuals in Chad are advised to monitor the situation and adhere to advice issued by local authorities or their home governments. 

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