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21 Jan 2020 | 06:43 PM UTC

Ukraine: Unity Day celebrations nationwide January 22

Ukraine to celebrate Unity Day on January 22; associated events expected to be held in Kyiv and other major cities



Ukrainians will commemorate Unity Day on Wednesday, January 22, to celebrate the 101st anniversary of the unification of eastern and western Ukraine in 1919. Associated events, including the formation of human chains, are anticipated across the country. In Dnipro, some residents are organizing a human chain at the Memorial Cross in Cathedral Square from 18:15 until 19:15 (local time). While Unity Day is a state holiday, it is a working day and disruptions to businesses or government service are not expected.

Localized traffic disruptions are possible around all Unity Day events.


Unity Day marks the signing of the unification of the Ukrainian People Republic and the West Ukrainian People Republic. During celebrations in 1990, over 300,000 Ukrainians formed a human chain from Kyiv to the western city of Lviv.


Individuals in Ukraine are advised to keep abreast of the situation and anticipate possible disruptions around associated events.

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