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18 Oct 2020 | 12:09 AM UTC

DRC: Rival groups clash in Irumu’s Bakadinda area October 16

Rival groups fatally clash in Bakadinda (Irumu territory; Ituri province) on October 16, resulting in at least 13 dead; monitor for developments



Rival groups clashed in Bakadinda (Irumu territory; Ituri province) on Friday, October 16, leaving at least 13 people dead. The clashes reportedly broke out as the result of an argument between the groups at the Bakadinda cattle market earlier on Friday, leading to one of the groups attacking the other, killing a member. The other group then retaliated. Traffic between Marabo and Komanda on national road number 27 reportedly remained suspended on Saturday, October 17, as investigations and security operations took place.

Further clashes in the near term cannot be ruled out. A heightened security presence and associated disruptions are to be anticipated.


The government's limited presence in the DRC's eastern provinces, as well as the presence of numerous armed groups and local self-defense militias, has led to continued insecurity in the region.


Those in Ituri province are advised to remain vigilant for rebel and militia activity, monitor developments, and adhere to all instructions issued by local authorities and their home governments.

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