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13 Jan 2021 | 11:59 AM UTC

India: Truckers plan strike in Bihar State from 0001 Jan. 15

Truckers to strike in Bihar State, India, starting at 0001 Jan. 15. Supply chain disruptions likely. Protests, roadblocks possible.



The Bihar Truck Owners' Association (BTOA) plans to launch a statewide strike from 0001 Jan. 15 to press for changes in state regulations on load sizes. BTOA leaders say the labor action will continue until the government agrees to their demands. Organizers claim thousands of transport vehicle drivers will join the work stoppage. The strike will likely prompt commercial disruptions, including delivery delays and supply chain interruptions, across the state.

Participating truckers also plan to block roads at multiple locations starting Jan. 15 as part of the strike. Roadblocks and associated protests will probably cause localized ground transport disruptions. Demonstrations and roadblocks are most likely near state borders and at key intersections in urban areas. Police will almost certainly deploy to protest venues. Clashes could break out if officers attempt to disperse gatherings forcibly.


Confirm all deliveries for the duration of the strike; consider alternative shipping methods for time-sensitive freights. Avoid all protests due to possible clashes; confirm road status, and plan accordingly for possible delays when attempting travel, especially in large cities such as Patna. Do not navigate any roadblocks as protesters may react violently. Heed all advice of security personnel.

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