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25 Nov 2019 | 08:50 PM UTC

Italy: Flooding in northern regions kills at least one as of November 25

Deadly flooding hits northern Italy, leaving at least one person dead as of November 25; transportation disruptions ongoing



Significant flooding is impacting northern parts of Italy as of the evening (local time) of Monday, November 25. At least one person was killed in the Piedmont region after her car was swept away in flood waters. In Liguria region, a mudslide washed away about 30 m (98 ft) of the A6 motorway near Savona, collapsing a bridge. Emergency personnel deployed to the area but did not immediately find any victims from the mudslide. Some of the worst hit areas include Alessandria, south of Turin, where authorities evacuated 200 people and another 600 residents were isolated. Officials also issued evacuation orders for 500 people in the Aosta Valley due to the risk of avalanches. Another 1000 people in the Aosta Valley remain isolated following a snow avalanche on Monday. Flooding and landslides were reported in Turin, Liguria, and Lake Como. Acqua alta (tidal flooding) also hit Venice, causing significant flooding and disruptions throughout the city.

Severe weather warnings remain in effect for northern parts of Italy as of the early morning hours of Tuesday, November 26. Italy’s civil protection service has issued red alerts (the highest level) for most of Emilia-Romagna and part of Lombardy while Orange alerts are in place for sections of Lombardy and Veneto. Up-to-date information on weather warnings can be found on the Civil Protection service website here. Water levels are reportedly still rising in some areas and further flooding and transportation disruptions are expected over the coming hours and days.


Individuals in northern Italy are advised to monitor local weather reports, adhere to instructions issued by local authorities, confirm road conditions before setting out, anticipate adverse weather and power and transportation disruptions, and remember that running water can be dangerous - 15 cm (6 in) is enough to knock over an adult - and never drive through flooded streets; floodwater may also contain wastewater and chemical products.

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