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25 Jan 2020 | 03:26 AM UTC

Benin: Communal and municipal elections scheduled May 17

Benin’s government schedules communal and municipal elections on May 17; increase in political events expected



The Ministerial Council of the Republic of Benin announced on Wednesday, January 22, that the 2020 communal and municipal elections will take place on Sunday, May 17. The elections will aim at renewing communal and municipal councils in Benin's 77 communes, and 546 districts. An increase in demonstrations and political rallies is anticipated in the weeks leading up to the vote, particularly during the election campaign. An increased security presence is likely at any political rallies or gatherings, and clashes between protesters and security personnel are possible.


Benin's last communal and municipal elections were held on June 28, 2015. According to the new electoral code and the new law on the charter of political parties in the Republic of Benin there is currently 11 political parties able to take part in these elections.


Individuals in Benin are advised to monitor the situation, avoid public political demonstrations due to the risk of violence, anticipate localized disruptions on May 17, and adhere to all instructions issued by local authorities and their home governments. As a precaution, individuals in Benin are strongly advised to be discreet regarding personal details, particularly information concerning nationality, employment, family, etc.

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