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14 Aug 2020 | 10:55 PM UTC

Iran: Fire following explosion injures four in Tehran August 14

Explosion and ensuing fire injures four in Tehran on August 14; residual disruption possible over the near term



An explosion and subsequent fire injured at least four people in an area of Tehran where many publishers and bookshops are located on Friday, August 14. Fire officials reported that a four-story building near Tehran University was engulfed by the fire. The fire has been controlled but the cause of the explosion that led to the fire has not been revealed. It is unclear if it is linked to the series of explosions and fires targeting sensitive state infrastructure witnessed recently across Iran.

Residual disruption is expected in the vicinity of the incident over the near term while recovery operations and investigations take place.


Numerous fires, explosions, gas leaks, and other similar incidents have been reported across Iran over the past two months, generally targeting state-affiliated infrastructure sites. Included in the previous incidents have been a gas leak which killed 19 people at a medical clinic north of Tehran on July 19, a fire at the Natanz nuclear facility on July 2, and an explosion near the Parchin military base on June 26.


Those in Tehran are advised to avoid the vicinity of the incident, monitor developments, and adhere to all instructions issued by local authorities.

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