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21 Nov 2018 | 03:30 AM UTC

France: “Yellow vest” traffic disruptions continue Nov. 20 /update 5

Yellow vest movement continues to hold disruptive protests on November 20; associated traffic disruptions expected



The nationwide "yellow vest" movement continues to hold disruptive protests for a fourth consecutive day in various regions on Tuesday, November 20. Multiple roads and highways, along with oil depots, are currently blocked, causing significant traffic disruptions. Clashes between motorists and protesters, or with police, are possible amid rising tensions.

Continued disruptions are expected in the coming days. Notably, protests are scheduled in Paris on November 24. Participants have been called to block the streets within the city, using any means of transportation (car, foot, horse). Until now, disruptions have mostly affected areas outside of cities.


The "yellow vest" movement launched protests on November 17 against rising fuel prices and a planned fuel tax. Hundreds of thousands have engaged in slow-rolling (go-slow) protests to block roads and highways, causing significant traffic disruptions. At least one person died and more than 400 others were injured in traffic related incidents November 17-18. Authorities have reportedly arrested around 280 people.

The government is planning a tax increase on fuel prices, including gasoline and diesel, beginning on January 1, 2019, to promote environmentally friendly practices.


Individuals in France are advised to monitor developments to the situation, allow for extra time to reach their destinations, and avoid all protests as a precaution.

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