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26 Feb 2020 | 04:44 AM UTC

Mauritania: Sandstorm leads to transportation disruptions nationwide February 26

Sandstorm leads to low visibility and poor air quality nationwide February 26; transport disruptions possible



An ongoing sandstorm has prompted dangerous driving conditions, and poor air quality since Tuesday, February 25, in southern and eastern Mauritania as well as in the capital Nouakchott. According to the head of the National Board of Meteorology (ONM), the dust densification is due to a low pressure over the affected areas.

Significant transportation disruptions are expected, as flight cancelations and delays remain possible across the country. Health officials advised those with respiratory difficulties to remain indoors during the storm. The ONM stated that the sandstorm will continue to affect the country throughout Wednesday.


Individuals in Mauritania are advised to monitor weather reports, confirm travel reservations, anticipate transportation disruptions, and adhere to all instructions issued by the local authorities. Contact your airline for more information regarding potential flight disruptions.