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26 Nov 2019 | 08:26 PM UTC

UK: Uber loses operating permit in London November 25

London officials refuse to renew Uber’s operating license on November 25; Uber allowed to continue operating during the appeals process



Transport for London (TfL) declined to extend Uber's operating license in London after it expired on Monday, November 25, citing failures by the company that put passengers at risk. According to TfL, at least 14,000 trips have been made by unauthorized drivers by uploading their photos to the accounts of other Uber drivers. Uber is appealing the decision and will continue operating in London during the process.


Uber previously lost its operating permit in London in 2017 due to concerns on how the company responded to crimes. TfL granted the company permission to operate for another 15 months after talks with management. A two-month extension was later approved in September 2019.


Individuals in London are advised to monitor developments to the situation and prepare to use alternative modes of transportation.