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14 Jan 2020 | 01:22 PM UTC

Ireland: General elections scheduled for February 8

General elections scheduled for February 8; political rallies expected amid heightened security measures



Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar announced that general elections will be held on Saturday, February 8. 159 of the Dáil Éireann's 160 seats will be contested in the election. The election campaign began on Tuesday, January 14, when the previous Dáil was officially dissolved.

Political rallies are likely in the days leading up to the vote. A heightened security presence is expected at any election-related event.


PM Leo Varadkar and his Fine Gael party have led a minority government through a cooperation deal with the rival Fianna Fáil party since the last general elections in 2016, in which Fine Gael won 25.5% of the votes and Fianna Fáil won 24.3%.


Individuals in Ireland are advised to monitor developments to the situation, avoid all demonstrations as a precaution, and adhere to all instructions issued by the local authorities.