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25 Nov 2018 | 12:29 PM UTC

Réunion: Curfew lifted November on 25 /update 8

Curfew lifted in Réunion on November 25 due to stabilization of situation following “yellow vest” protests; further disruptions possible



Officials in Réunion announced on Sunday, November 25 that a curfew had been lifted due to an easing of tensions following a week of protests associated with the "yellow vest" movement. Nevertheless, local reports indicate that small numbers of protesters continue to erect roadblocks throughout Réunion as of Sunday. Transportation disruptions are expected to continue in the coming hours, notably around  Roland Garros International Airport (RUN). Further protests are possible over the coming days. Additional security forces remain deployed to quell any potential violence. 


Demonstrations denouncing rising fuel prices and a planned fuel tax began on November 17 throughout France, with demonstrators in Réunion setting up roadblocks, setting fire to buildings, and ransacking shops. The government had planned a tax increase on fuel prices, including gasoline and diesel, beginning on January 1, 2019, to promote environmentally friendly practices. 


Individuals in Réunion are advised to monitor developments to the situation, adhere to the curfew and any other instructions issued by the local authorities, allow for extra time to reach their destinations, and avoid all protests as a precaution.

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