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26 Dec 2019 | 04:28 AM UTC

Chile: Ongoing wildfire in Valparaiso December 24-26

Ongoing wildfire reported in Valparaiso December 24-26; follow authority directives



A wildfire broke out in Valparaiso in the late evening (local time) on Tuesday, December 24, destroying at least 245 houses and leaving around 1715 households without electricity as of Thursday, December 26. According to firefighters, the blaze, which started in a forested area before spreading to the city, was caused by arson and was fed by high summer temperatures and strong winds. As of Thursday, the fire is reportedly under control. 


Individuals in the affected area are advised to monitor developments to the situation, adhere to instructions issued by local authorities (e.g. evacuation notices, road closures), and exercise caution when traveling near the wildfire. Children and those with respiratory illness are advised to limit outdoor activity.