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04 Dec 2019 | 04:17 AM UTC

Afghanistan: Risk of attacks heightened in the Kabul area December 4-8

Sources warn of a heightened risk of attacks in the Kabul area December 4-8; remain vigilant



As of Wednesday, December 4, Kabul security forces warn of an increase in the risk of attacks in Kabul through at least Sunday, December 8. Any potential attack is likely to target vehicles traveling within the city and buildings of the coalition and international community.

A heightened security presence is to be expected in Kabul over the coming days.


Due to the threat of terrorism throughout the country, individuals are advised to maintain a high degree of vigilance, to report any suspicious objects or behavior to the relevant authorities, and to be particularly cautious when visiting sites deemed likely to be targeted in an attack (e.g. transportation hubs, government buildings, embassies or consulates, energy and military facilities, critical infrastructure, religious sites, markets, locations frequented by foreigners/Westerners, etc.).

The security environment in Afghanistan remains complex. Professional security advice and support should be sought prior to travel.