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08 Apr 2020 | 05:32 AM UTC

Argentina: Rival groups clash in Puerto Madryn (Chubut province) April 7

Rival groups engage in fatal shootout in Madryn (Chubut province) April 7; further violence possible in the near term



Rival groups clashed in Puerto Madryn (Chubut province) on Tuesday, April 7, resulting in one fatality and two injuries. The clashes occurred in the western part of the city of Puerto Madryn, on the corner of the Villarino and Marquinez streets. Following the shootout, one of the groups fled and in the process rammed into a police car that was on patrol. Two men were arrested in relation to the incident, although the identity of the rival groups involved in the clashes remains unclear as of Wednesday, April 8.

Further violence between rival groups is possible over the near term.


Individuals in Chubut province are advised to monitor developments and adhere to all instructions issued by the local authorities.