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12 Jan 2020 | 11:40 AM UTC

Afghanistan: At least 17 dead nationwide due to cold snap January 12

At least 17 people have died nationwide as of January 12 due to cold snap; associated transportation disruptions reported



A cold snap brought on by heavy snowfall and rain has killed at least 17 people in Afghanistan as of Sunday, January 12. Additionally, the inclement weather has forced the closure of key roads, such as the Salang Tunnel, which connects Parwan and Baghlan provinces, and the Kabul-Kandahar Highway. In Herat province, at least two houses have collapsed due to snow accumulation, resulting in the deaths of at least eight people. Afghanistan's Meteorological Department has forecast further cold waves in the coming weeks.


Individuals in Afghanistan are advised to monitor local weather reports, avoid prolonged exposure to outdoor temperatures, and keep sufficient food, water, and warm clothing if driving in the region.