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20 Jan 2020 | 07:11 AM UTC

Egypt: State of emergency extended through April 26 /update 2

Egyptian parliament extends state of emergency for three additional months from January 27



On Sunday, January 19, the Egyptian parliament approved a three-month extension of the ongoing nationwide state of emergency which will last through Sunday, April 26. The state of emergency gives authorities additional powers, such as the suspension of certain civil rights and freedoms guaranteed by the constitution, in the interest of maintaining civil order as part of broader counterterrorism efforts. This will be the eleventh extension of the state of emergency since it was declared in April 2017.


Egypt frequently conducts raids on suspected militant groups following terrorist attacks. Security forces are also in the middle of a counterterrorism operation named "Sinai 2018" that aims to neutralize militant and terrorist groups operating in the Sinai, Nile Delta, and Western Desert. The raid's targets are not confirmed by independent reporting and foreign tourists have previously been killed in similar operations.


Individuals in Egypt are advised to monitor the situation, adhere to instructions issued by local authorities and their home governments, report suspicious behavior and objects to the authorities, remain vigilant when visiting areas vulnerable to terrorist attacks (e.g. tourist sites, churches, international and government buildings, public transportation hubs, etc.), and anticipate associated security operations in the near term.