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26 Nov 2019 | 08:46 AM UTC

US: White House and US Capitol temporarily locked down, evacuated after airspace violation in Washington, DC November 26

White House and US Capitol temporarily locked down and evacuated after unresponsive aircraft violated airspace over Washington, DC on November 26; lockdowns have been lifted, further details still emerging



The White House was  put on a temporary lockdown and the United States Capitol evacuated when a small airplane violated restricted airspace over Washington, DC at approximately 08:30 (local time) on Tuesday, November 26. Fighter jets were reportedly deployed, and DC airspace was temporarily closed as authorities investigated the threat. The plane was determined not to be a threat and the lockdown at the White House was lifted as of 09:30. Some road closures have been reported in the area. Further details are still emerging.

A heightened security presence and residual transportation disruptions, such as road closures, remain possible in the vicinity of both landmarks.  


Individuals in the area are advised to monitor the situation, anticipate a heightened security presence and transportation disruptions, and adhere to all instructions issued by the local authorities.