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30 Jan 2020 | 12:40 AM UTC

Sudan: Over 11,000 people flee violence in West Darfur state as of January 28 /update 2

Fighting throughout the month of January has forcibly displaced over 11,000 people in West Darfur state as of January 28; further violence expected in the coming weeks



Inter-communal violence in West Darfur state throughout the month of January 2020 has forced over 11,000 people to flee from their homes as of Tuesday, January 28. According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), at least 4000 people were displaced between January 21 and 28 alone. Many of the refugees are reportedly fleeing across the border into Chad, where 128,000 Sudanese refugees are already located. Representatives of the UNHCR warned that up to 30,000 people could be displaced in the coming weeks if the violence continues.

A heightened security presence along with localized transportation and business disruptions are anticipated in West Darfur over the near term. Further inter-communal violence cannot be ruled out.


Clashes broke out at internally displaced people (IDP) camps near El-Geneina in late December 2019. An attack on an IDP camp between December 28-29 left at least 24 people dead. Additional military forces were deployed into the area and a curfew was imposed following the incident.


Individuals present in Sudan, particularly West Darfur state, are advised to monitor local developments, maintain a high degree of situational awareness, and remain vigilant for potential militant activity.