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21 Feb 2020 | 06:43 AM UTC

Algeria: Disruptions to water supply scheduled in Algiers February 24-27

Water supply cuts scheduled in Algiers on February 24-27; take appropriate measures



Algiers Water and Sanitation Society (SEAAL) announced that there will be disruptions to water supply from Monday, February 24, through Thursday, February 27, set to affect 43 communes in the capital Algiers. The disruption is said to be significant, though water supply will remain available between 06:00 and 16:00 (local time) each day. SEAAL will make tanker systems available to the affected neighborhoods.

Further residual disruptions cannot be ruled out. 


Individuals in Algiers are advised to conserve water and stock up on bottled water. Keep abreast of the situation via local media outlets and adhere to all instructions issued by the local authorities (e.g. water rationing measures).