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16 Jan 2020 | 03:47 AM UTC

Oman: Transportation disruptions reported amid adverse weather conditions January 16

Transportation disruptions and school closures reported amid adverse weather conditions January 16



Oman Meteorology issued on Thursday, January 16, a fog advisory due to poor visibility, prompting transportation disruptions. On Wednesday, January 15, schools also closed due to heavy rains and related safety concerns. Emergency services were available to those affected by the heavy rains on Wednesday, with part of the country seeing 139 mm (5.5 in) of rainfall. Associated flooding is likely over the coming hours in some areas. Rain is no longer in the forecast for Thursday, however.

Transportation disruptions should be expected over the next several hours.  


Individuals in the affected areas are advised to monitor local weather reports, avoid areas directly affected by flooding, confirm road conditions prior to setting out, and adhere to instructions issued by local authorities. It is important to note that that walking or driving through floodwaters can be dangerous; 15 cm (6 in) of running water is enough to knock over an adult.