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16 Feb 2019 | 04:26 PM UTC

Indonesia: Health officials confirm polio case in Papua province

Health officials confirm polio case in Papua province as of February 2019



Health officials with the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) confirmed the presence of at least one polio case in Papua province of Indonesia. The case is not believed to be linked with an ongoing outbreak in neighboring Papua New Guinea.


Indonesia has not recorded a case of polio since 2006 when an outbreak affected 305 people.

Poliomyelitis, commonly referred to as polio, is an acute communicable disease and is transmitted from one person to another by oral contact with secretions or fecal material from an infected person. Most poliovirus infections cause asymptomatic viral replication that is limited to the alimentary tract. However, following an incubation period of approximately 7-10 days (although it can range 4-35 days), about 24 percent of those infected develop clinical signs such as fever, headache, and sore throat (considered a minor illness).


Individuals in or traveling to Papua province are advised to monitor the situation and confirm their vaccination status.

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