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29 Jan 2020 | 07:28 AM UTC

North Macedonia: Anti-pollution measures implemented in Skopje and Tetovo January 27

Government announces implementation of urgent measures due to severe pollution in Skopje and Tetovo January 27; follow local authority directives



On Monday, January 27, government officials announced the implementation of anti-pollution measures in the cities of Skopje and Tetovo. According to authorities, levels of toxic particles recorded were 11 times higher than the recommended safe levels. Among the measures implemented as of Tuesday, January 28, pregnant women and the elderly are exempted from work, sport activities, and outdoor work are either reduced or banned. Vehicle restrictions will be in effect as well.


Individuals in the cities affected are advised to monitor updates to the situation, adhere to instructions issued by local authorities, and refrain from strenuous outdoor activity. Children and those with respiratory illnesses should exercise additional precautions. Do not hesitate to seek medical attention if experiencing breathing difficulties or other health concerns.