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04 Jan 2020 | 01:58 AM UTC

France: Labor union calls for oil refineries blockade January 7-10

CGT union calls for nationwide oil refinery blockades in January 7-10 over pension reforms dispute; fuel shortages at service stations possible



The CGT union has stated it will erect roadblocks around oil refineries throughout the country from Tuesday, January 7, to Friday, January 10, amid an ongoing strike over the government's pension reform dispute. If the protest goes ahead as planned, it could lead to gasoline and diesel shortages at service stations nationwide, particularly if the blockade lasts for several days. The CGT also threatened to shut down oil refinery operations if their demands are not met.

CGT members have claimed responsibility for a series of power shortages across the country and blackouts at stadiums during sporting events. The CGT and other unions have also planned a series of demonstrations nationwide on Thursday, January 9.


Thousands have protested across France in December 2019 to voice their opposition to the planned pension reform scheme. Subsequent related ongoing nationwide strikes have caused significant disruptions across all forms of transportation. Strikes may continue for an indefinite period if the government does not abandon its proposed pension reform plan.


Individuals in France are advised to follow developments to the situation and to fill up gas tanks ahead of as a precaution.