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21 Nov 2020 | 03:33 PM UTC

Syria: Airstrikes reported near Al Bukamal (Deir Ezzor governorate) November 21

Unidentified aircraft carry out strikes near Al Bukamal (Deir Ezzor governorate) on November 21; further airstrikes likely



Unidentified aircraft reportedly carried out airstrikes near the Syrian town of Al Bukamal (Deir Ezzor governorate) on Saturday, November 21. More than ten explosions were reported at positions linked to Iranian militias west of the town. No casualties have yet been reported. Past airstrikes on similar targets in Deir Ezzor governorate have been blamed on Israel.

Further attacks against Iranian-linked positions in Syria are likely over the near to medium term. Reprisal attacks against targets in Israel cannot be ruled out in response.


The town, near the Iraqi border, has witnessed several airstrikes against Iranian-linked targets in recent months, with the attacks blamed on Israel. Israeli officials have not confirmed responsibility for the attacks; however, this is standard procedure for attacks carried out by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in Syria. The Israeli military has been accused of more than 200 raids on targets in Syria over the past two years, many of which have been arms depots and military facilities allegedly receiving arms and fighters from Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah group.


Due to extremely poor security conditions, Western governments generally advise against all travel to Syria, with some banning travel to the country. Professional security advice and support should be sought prior to any travel to Syria.