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21 Feb 2020 | 07:05 AM UTC

DRC: Vehicle attack leaves one dead in Walungu (South Kivu province) February 20

Unknown gunmen ambush deputy vehicle in Walungu (South Kivu province) February 20; similar attacks likely over the near term



According to media sources, unidentified gunmen attacked a provincial deputy's vehicle in Kashanja, Walungu territory (South Kivu) at 20:00 (local time) on Thursday, February 20, killing one person and wounding another. The vehicle was traveling to Mulamba on the Bukavu-Walungu axis when gunmen ambushed the vehicle and opened fire. The deputy reportedly survived the attack.

A heightened security presence is expected in the area over the coming days. Attacks remain possible in South Kivu province over the near term


The government's limited presence in the DRC's eastern provinces, as well as the presence of numerous armed groups and local self-defense militias, has led to continued insecurity in the area.


Individuals in South Kivu province are advised to remain vigilant for militant activity, monitor developments to the situation, and adhere to all instructions issued by local authorities and their home governments.