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14 Jan 2020 | 06:26 PM UTC

Syria: Military base in Homs targeted in airstrike January 14

Unidentified aircraft conduct airstrikes targeting the main Syrian military base in Homs province on January 14; Syrian officials claim that air defense systems intercepted several missiles



The Syrian army’s T4 airbase in Homs province was reportedly targeted in an airstrike conducted by multiple unidentified aircraft on Tuesday, January 14. According to military sources, the strikes occurred around 22:10 (local time) and caused limited damage. Syrian army officials claimed that air defense systems successfully intercepted several missiles. Israel has been accused by the Syrian military for conducting the operation; however, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has not commented on the incident as of Tuesday evening.

Similar airstrikes and retaliatory strikes are possible in the near term.


Over the past two years, the Israeli military has struck more than 200 targets in Syria, many of which have been arms depots and military facilities allegedly receiving arms and fighters from Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah group.


Due to extremely poor security conditions, Western governments generally advise against all travel to Syria, with some banning travel to the country. Professional security advice and support should be sought prior to any travel to Syria.