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11 Feb 2020 | 07:43 AM UTC

Dominican Republic: Carnival and independence festivities scheduled in several cities February 23 - March 7

Cities hold carnival and Independence Day festivities February 23 - March 7; transportation disruptions expected



Annual carnival and Independence Day festivities have been scheduled in several cities across Dominican Republic, starting from Sunday, February 2, through Sunday, March 7. Independence Day is on Thursday, February 27. During this time, parades, public gatherings, concerts, and other celebratory events should be expected.

In La Vega, carnival and independence festivities are scheduled on Sunday, February 23, Thursday, February 27, and the final festival will be on Sunday, March 1.

In Puerto Plata, carnival and independence festivities are scheduled on February 23, with the final festival scheduled on Sunday, March 7.

Santiago will hold its carnival and independent festivities on February 23, and February 27.

Other related celebratory events can be expected in other urban centers, notably in the capital Santo Domingo. Associated transportation disruptions are to be expected in the vicinity of all events and parade routes in each city. A heightened security presence should also be expected.


The Dominican Republic is celebrating its 176th year of independence from Spain. Related festivities have been held La Vega, Puerto Plate, and Santiago on February 2 and 9.


Individuals in the Dominican Republic are advised to monitor the situation, anticipate increased travel times due to high traffic and increased security measures, and adhere to any instructions issued by the local authorities. Be alert and report any suspicious objects or behavior to local authorities.