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10 Apr 2020 | 05:16 PM UTC

DRC: Ugandan Marine Forces kill three Congolese government employees and abduct four more on Lake Albert (Ituri province) April 9

Ugandan Marine Forces kill three DRC state agents and abduct four others on April 9 on Lake Albert (Ituri province); similar attacks likely over the near term



According to local sources, members of the Ugandan Marine Forces reportedly killed three Congolese government employees and abducted four others on Lake Albert (Ituri province) on Thursday, April 9. The government employees were on a motorised boat patrolling the Tchomia area of Lake Albert and were members of a fishing regulation commission comprised of security, environmental, and agricultural services. Reportedly, the Ugandan Marine Forces opened fire when the commission members crossed the limits of territorial waters into Uganda. Reports suggest that the four abducted government employees have been taken to Hoima district in Uganda.

A heightened security presence is expected in the area over the coming days. Similar attacks are possible in the area over the near term. 


The government's limited presence in the DRC's eastern provinces, as well as the presence of numerous armed groups and local self-defense militias, has led to continued insecurity in the area.


Individuals in Ituri province are advised to remain vigilant for militant activity, monitor developments to the situation, and adhere to all instructions issued by local authorities and their home governments.