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06 Feb 2020 | 07:50 AM UTC

Mozambique: Militants attack five communities in Cabo Delgado February 4

Militant group attacks five communities in Quissanga district (Cabo Delgado province) on February 4, killing at least seven people; similar attacks likely over the near term



Groups of unidentified militants attacked five communities in Quissanga district (Cabo Delgado province) on Tuesday, February 4. According to local media reports, the villages of Nraha 2, Mussomero, Namidai, Namiruma, and Mahate were targeted by the assailants. In Mahate, the health center was reportedly burned down and seven people were killed. Homes in the other villages were also destroyed by the attackers.

Earlier on Monday, February 3, terrorists also assaulted the village of Mianguelua in Muidumbe district. According to media reports, this is the second time in two months that the village has been attacked.

Similar militant operations are likely to occur in Cabo Delgado province over the near term. 


Ahlu Sunna Wa-Jamo/Ansar Al-Sunna (Al-Shabaab) is believed to be responsible for carrying out attacks against local businesses, government installations, and security forces in Cabo Delgado province since October 2017. The Islamic State group has also claimed to be active in the province and alleged that its militants carried out the group's first attack in Mocímboa da Praia district in June 2019.


Individuals in Cabo Delgado province are advised to monitor developments, remain vigilant for militant activity, and adhere to all instructions issued by the local authorities and their home governments.

Some Western governments advise against nonessential travel to parts of Cabo Delgado province. Travelers in or intending to travel to Cabo Delgado should seek professional security support due to the volatile security environment and potential for further attacks.