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24 Nov 2020 | 05:26 PM UTC

Syria: Casualties reported in bomb attacks in Aleppo governorate November 24

Casualties reported in two bomb attacks in Aleppo governorate on November 24; further attacks likely



At least seven civilians were killed in separate bomb attacks in Aleppo governorate on Tuesday, November 24, with one explosion happening near al-Bab and the other in Afrin. The al-Bab blast occurred at a road junction on the outskirts of the city and killed at least five people and wounded 20 others. A second attack took place several hours later in the city of Afrin, where at least two individuals were killed and 17 others injured when a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) detonated. Turkish officials have blamed the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) and Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) for the explosions, although no group has taken responsibility. The Turkish military and allied Syrian groups control the areas where the explosions took place.

Further attacks throughout Aleppo governorate are likely in the near term. A heightened security presence and associated disruptions are to be expected in the vicinity of the blasts as security forces carry out operations.


The Syrian Civil War - which began in 2011 - involves many parties, including the Syrian government, the Russian government, the Iranian government, the Turkish government, a US-led coalition, and numerous armed groups on the ground (including the Islamic State) with competing goals.


Due to extremely poor security conditions, Western governments generally advise against all travel to Syria, with some banning travel to the country completely.

Professional security advice and support should be sought prior to any travel to Syria.

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