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11 Feb 2020 | 03:10 AM UTC

Iran: Thousands gather in Tehran to mark Revolution anniversary February 11

Iranians gather in Tehran amid the 41st anniversary of the Iranian revolution February 11; transportation disruptions expected



Media reports indicate that thousands of Iranians have gathered in Tehran and other cities on Tuesday, February 11, to mark the 41st anniversary of the Iranian revolution. The anniversary emerges amid domestic tensions, as well as international friction between Iran and the United States. This anniversary serves as a tool to reinforce regime support amid those tensions.

A heightened security presence is to be expected in the vicinity of any gathering. Counter-protests cannot be ruled out.


The Islamic republic was established in Iran on February 11, 1979.


Individuals in Iran are advised to monitor the situation, avoid all large public gatherings as a precaution, adhere to instructions issued by local authorities and their home governments, and refrain from discussing political topics in public or on social media.