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06 Jan 2020 | 10:23 PM UTC

Pakistan: Spike in robberies and theft reported in Lahore as of January 5

Security sources record at least 36 incidents of robbery and theft in Lahore within 24 hours on January 5; increasing crime rates expected in the near term



A spike in street crimes, including robbery and theft, has been recorded in Lahore during the first days of January 2020. On Sunday, January 5, at least 36 incidents of robbery and theft were reported during a 24-hour period. At least five homes were broken into and another 15 citizens robbed by armed criminals. Vehicles and motorcycles were also stolen in multiple parts of the city. According to local media reports, at least four families, including the family of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s nephew, were held at gunpoint while their homes were being robbed. Some media sources claim that police forces in Lahore are suffering from a lack of resources, including enough vehicles for patrolling, and are unable to prevent or sufficiently respond to the recent rise in crime.


Individuals in Lahore are advised to remain vigilant, follow all instructions issued by local authorities, and exercise basic security precautions (e.g. keep signs of wealth concealed, drive with doors locked and windows rolled up, etc.).