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02 Jan 2020 | 04:16 AM UTC

Mexico: Violent crime rates increase in Mexico City in 2019

Mexico City records a dangerous 2019 with theft and homicide on the rise; take precautions



Media sources have reported on Wednesday, January 1, that Mexico City recorded a rise in crimes including homicide and theft in 2019. Cases of violent theft, threats, and extortion were the most committed crimes in the city, with an increase of 15 percent. In November 2019, the homicide rate increased 14 percent over the previous month. The capital is also ranked eighth in the nation for homicides against women. Based on 2019 statistics, the three most dangerous areas are Cuauhtémoc, Iztapalapa, and Miguel Hidalgo. A study conducted by Problematica de la Ciudad de Mexico found that violence and insecurity are the main concern for the inhabitants of Mexico City. A total of 33 million crimes were reported in the city alone.


Individuals in Mexico City, and Mexico more generally, are advised to remain vigilant, follow all instructions issued by local authorities, and exercise basic security precautions (e.g. keep signs of wealth concealed, drive with doors locked and windows rolled up, etc.).