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08 Apr 2020 | 10:19 PM UTC

Zimbabwe: Police report an increase in robberies in Mutare April 7

Manicaland police report an increase in robberies in Mutare on April 7; take necessary precautions



Local police in Mutare have reported an increase in the number of armed robberies in the city as of Tuesday, April 7. The latest announcement follows a recent shooting and killing of a prominent businessman in his Darlington home by six armed robbers on Sunday, March 15. Separately on Sunday, April 5, two men armed with pistols broke into a home in Murambi at approximately 20:30 (local time) and proceeded to rob the home of USD 3400 worth of valuables. Authorities have advised the public not to keep large amounts of money at their homes and to ensure that their properties are secured to prevent break-ins.

Further robberies are possible in Mutare over the near term.


Crime rates are high throughout the country amid poor economic conditions and steep social inequality. Incidents of theft, burglary, assault, and extortion are common. Foreigners can be targeted due to their presumed wealth.


Individuals present in Mutare are advised to remain vigilant and constantly aware of their surroundings, to avoid displaying obvious signs of wealth, and to ensure that appropriate security precautions are in place (lodgings are secured, etc.). When traveling by car, keep doors locked, windows closed, and all valuables stored out of sight. In the event of an attempted mugging or robbery, remain calm and do not offer any resistance.