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16 Apr 2020 | 12:13 AM UTC

DRC: Religious followers clash with security forces in Boma (Kongo-Central) April 15

Security forces kill at least three religious followers during clashes at a gathering in Boma (Kongo-Central province) on April 15; further unrest possible in the near term



Security forces used live ammunition to disperse a religious gathering in Kongo-Central province on Wednesday, April 15, killing at least three people. Scuffles took place in Boma after members of politico-religious sect Bundu Dia Mayala (BDM) of Ne Muanda Nsemi gathered to denounce mistreatment against them. At least three other people were also injured in the scuffles.

Further unrest and violent clashes are possible in the near term.


Created in 1969, Bundu dia Kongo (BDK) / Bundu dia Mayala (BDM) is a semi political party, semi-religious sect that refers to the reunification of the people of the Kongo kingdom, including areas of Angola and the Republic of Congo. A shared identity exists that traces its roots to the historic Kongo kingdom, as well as in widespread socio-economic grievances.


Individuals in Kongo-Central are advised to exercise caution and maintain a low profile at all times, avoid all protests and demonstrations as a precaution, and obey any instructions issued by the local authorities.