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27 Nov 2019 | 06:51 AM UTC

Angola: Uptick in crime near banks in Luanda

Increase in violent crime near banks in Luanda; two foreign nationals killed



As of late November, a spike in daylight violent crimes has been reported near banks in the capital Luanda and its surroundings. Between Thursday, November 14, and Friday, November 15, three fatal armed robberies, including those of two foreign nationals, were reported when victims left banks. The police has warned not to withdraw large sum of money without the protection of police forces or specialized security companies.


Advice Individuals throughout Angola, and more specifically in Luanda, are advised to adhere to the following recommendations:

• Remain vigilant at all times while in public

• Minimize travel by foot

• Avoid going out after nightfall (when instances of assault and other violent crimes are more common)

• Maintain a low profile and avoid any conspicuous dress

• Be extremely vigilant at ATMs and when exiting banks; only withdraw money at ATMs located inside the bank building and do not carry large sum of money

• As criminals are often armed, never resist during an attempted robbery; obey all orders given, avoid eye contact and sudden movements, and do everything in your power to keep the situation as calm as possible

• To avoid becoming an easy target, vary daily routes to reduce the predictability of your movements

• When driving, keep doors locked, windows rolled up, and all valuables out of plain sight; maintain sufficient space between you and the car ahead of you to allow for room to maneuver, keeping in mind that you are vulnerable when stuck in traffic

• If you believe you may be being followed, drive to a police station or other public facility, never home

• Park as close to your destination as possible when traveling by car, particularly after dark

• When possible, use a chauffeured car service; never use public transportation