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27 Jan 2020 | 09:04 PM UTC

Peru: Congress elected with no clear leadership January 26

Peruvians elect a Congress split among ten parties on January 26; increase in political events possible



On Sunday, January 26, Peruvians elected a new Congress, with no party winning an overall majority; instead splitting Congress between ten parties. The ruling Popular Force party won just 7 percent of the vote, and will lose most of the 73 out of 130 seats that it previously held. The centrist Popular Action party won the most votes at 10.1 percent. However, the new Congress is expected to be short-lived as it is due to be replaced in the April 2021 general elections.

Political rallies and protests are possible in response to the Congressional election, and in the lead up to the April 2021 general elections; a heightened security presence and localized traffic disruptions are to be anticipated near all such demonstrations.


President Martin Vizcarra had dissolved the previous Congress on 30 September, 2019.


Individuals in Peru are advised to monitor the situation, avoid public political demonstrations as a precaution, anticipate localized transportation disruptions, and adhere to all instructions issued by local authorities.