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11 Mar 2020 | 09:40 AM UTC

Israel/Palestinian Terr.: Israeli troops kill one Palestinian in West Bank March 11

Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) kill one Palestinian amid violent protests near Itamar (West Bank) March 11; further protests likely over the near term



Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) shot and killed one Palestinian protester and wounded 18 others during a violent protest near the Israeli settlement of Itamar (West Bank) on Wednesday, March 11. More than 500 Palestinian protesters reportedly gathered in the area, burning tires and throwing rocks at soldiers.

Further such incidents and a heightened security presence are expected in the West Bank over the near term.


Palestinian and Israeli security forces have a cooperation in policing areas of the West Bank, where some areas are under Palestinian Authority control and others under Israeli control.


Individuals in Israel and the Palestinian Territories are advised to monitor developments to the situation, avoid all public demonstrations as a precaution, and adhere to instructions issued by local authorities and their home governments.

Some Western governments advise their citizens against all travel to the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and areas near the Israeli-Lebanese, Israeli-Syrian, and Israeli-Egyptian borders.