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07 Dec 2019 | 03:41 PM UTC

Turkey: Heightened security measures nationwide during holiday season

US Embassy in Ankara reports heightened security measures nationwide ahead of holiday season December 2; remain vigilant at all times



The US Embassy in Ankara reported on Monday, December 2, that heightened security measures remain in place across Turkey ahead of the holiday season. It also warned that terror groups inspired by extremist ideologies continue to plot potential attacks in the country. The Embassy warns that tourist locations, shopping malls, airports, clubs, restaurants, places of worship, transportation hubs, and other sites frequented by Westerners are at risk of being targeted.

Heightened security measures should be expected over the coming several weeks.


Individuals traveling in Turkey are advised to remain vigilant at all times, report suspicious objects and behavior to the police, follow instructions issued by local authorities and their home governments, and avoid all gatherings as a precaution.