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24 Aug 2018 | 03:53 PM UTC

Guinea: Port workers to march in Conakry August 27 /update 2

Port workers plan to march in Conakry August 27 and continue protests every Monday and Thursday thereafter until demands are met; avoid all protests



Union officials representing port workers announced on Thursday, August 24, that they will hold a march in Conakry on Monday, August 27, to protest the concession of the Autonomous Port of Conakry to a Turkish company, which they claim was illegal. The unions have also threatened to launch a general strike at an undetermined point in the future and stated that they will continue to hold demonstrations on Mondays and Thursdays until their demands are met. Participants in the August 27 demonstration are planning to march from the Bourse du Travail (trade union center) to the Palais du Peuple. A heightened security presence and localized transportation disruptions are expected near the demonstration sites. Further related protests and strikes are possible in the coming days. Clashes between demonstrators and police cannot be ruled out.


The march was originally scheduled to take place on Thursday, August 23, but was postponed due to the Islamic festival of Tabaski. A related march was held on August 17 but was quickly dispersed when police fired tear gas on the demonstrators; the government maintains that the demonstration was unauthorized.

On August 16, Guinea's Ministry of Transport confirmed that the government had agreed to allow a Turkish company to refurbish the port in exchange for allowing it to run the port for 25 years. Union leaders claim that the deal threatens jobs for their workers at the port.


Individuals in Conakry and are advised to monitor the situation and avoid all protests due to the potential for violence.

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