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08 Dec 2019 | 10:46 PM UTC

Iraq: Rockets reportedly fired at Baghdad International Airport (BGW) December 9

Unidentified militants reportedly launch rockets at Baghdad International Airport (BGW) on December 9; at least two wounded



Unidentified militants reportedly launched between two to four rounds of indirect fire (IDF) at the military base located at Baghdad International Airport (BGW) at around 02:20 (local time) on Monday, December 9. Local sources indicate that two counterterrorist officers were injured as a result. The IDF reportedly originated in Bayaa district.

While some flight diversions were reported away from the capital in the immediate aftermath of the attack, as of 07:40, it is unclear whether fight operations are being impacted at BGW. However, local sources have suggested that it is unlikely. 

A heightened security presence is to be anticipated throughout the city in the near-term. Further attacks are possible in the coming hours and days. 


Demonstrations broke out in Iraq on October 1 to protest perceived government corruption, inadequate provision of public services, and a lack of job opportunities. Following weeks of relative calm, demonstrations violently resumed on October 24-25, coinciding with the deadline issued by Grand Ayatollah Sistani to the government to produce a report on who in the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) was responsible for firing at civilians during previous demonstrations. An estimated 400 people have been killed and 15,000 wounded since protests began.


Individuals in Iraq are advised to monitor the situation and refrain from nonessential travel to the border regions with Iran.

The security environment in Iraq remains complex. Although travel is possible in some areas with proper security protocols in place, other areas should be considered strictly off-limits. Professional security advice and support should be sought prior to all travel.