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14 Feb 2020 | 10:43 PM UTC

US: Airlines extend Boeing 737 groundings until Fall /update 5

Major US airlines extend Boeing 737 groundings until the Fall; confirm flight reservations



Three US airlines have extended their groundings of Boeing 737 MAX fleet operations. American Airlines representatives said on Friday, February 14, that the airline will continue to ground the Boeing 737 MAX fleet until August 17, while United Airlines operatives announced it would suspend operations until September 4. Meanwhile, Southwest Airlines said on Thursday, February 13, that it will continue groundings until August 10. The decision comes amid continued uncertainty as to when the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will certify the return of the MAX fleet to operation.


Boeing and various international aviation authorities recommended the temporary suspension of all Model 737 MAX aircraft worldwide on Wednesday, March 13, 2019, after the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 on Sunday, March 10, which killed all 157 people onboard a Boeing Model 737 MAX 8.


Individuals traveling with American, United, and Southwest airlines over the next months are advised to confirm their flight reservations.